Bend Oregon Living – 8 Things I love

1. The Oregon Badlands

Living in Bend Oregon, this BLM land area is just about 17 miles East of town. It’s one of my favorite places to go for a walk any time of year. There are miles and miles of desert trails to explore. Take your dogs and set them free on the trials, it’s OK! Make sure to take some water, snacks and plenty of bags to clean up after your dog. If you just need to relax and have that “get away” feeling, but no time for a long drive, these trails are a good choice.

2. Deschutes River Trail

The Deschutes River Trail is probably the most popular trail in town. You can access it at many points. I like to park at Riverbend or Farewell Bend Park and head out on the loop trail that’s about 3-4 miles long. It’s an easy, level hike that most people can do. You’ll cross a bridge at the southern end and loop back to the park where you began. Living in Bend Oregon with great access to this river is fantastic.

3. Riverbend and Farewell Bend Parks

These 2 parks, just south of the Old Mill Shopping area, are always teaming with visitors in the late Spring and throughout Summer. Here you can picnic, take a hike or put your floatation devices into the river and float all the way to downtown Bend.

4. Animals are Everywhere

I’m an animal lover! I dare you to drive around Bend and NOT see a wild animal just hanging out doing their thing. The Rock Chucks at the Old Mill area are one of my favorites. There are also deer, horses, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, cows, pigs, geese and chipmunks a plenty! This is a big reason why I enjoy living in Bend Oregon so much.

5. Brick oven Pizza

Jackson’s Corner was one of the first restaurants we discovered when visiting Bend. After living here for 5 years, it’s still top of the list! The hot and bubbling pizza cooked in their brick oven is always a winner. Pasta, salads, sandwiches are all made from local, organic ingredients. Grab a table and share it with people you know…or make new friends.

6. El Sancho Taco Shop

Sometimes visitors miss this gem since it’s not right downtown. Take the time to head over a few blocks to the big yellow house that is El Sancho Taco Shop! Even in the dead of Winter you can eat outside in comfort. The patio has overhead and standing heaters to keep you warm with you enjoy authentic South American cuisine.

7. The best Bakeries

If you like to indulge in baked goods, you’re in for a real treat! Sparrow Bakery is home to the famous Ocean Roll. They can be found at many coffee shops or at Sparrow’s east or west side locations. Another favorite bakery of mine is Foxtail Bakeshop. The pop tart will blow your mind.

8. Broken Top Bottle Shop (BTBS)

The west side location near Central Oregon Community College (COCC) puts BTBS right in the heart of things. While I’m a long way from my college days, I still love this place! If you like to try new beverages, investigate the wall of coolers and choose a new beer or cider every time you go. Sunday night is “Wing Special” my favorite night to visit. Order up your “crispy” smoked wings with any of their amazing sauce options and grab a table. It’s a casual, fun place for relaxing with friends.