Bend Oregon – 6 Things I HATE!

1. Bend Oregon – Dry air and static

Bend Oregon is a High Desert climate, which means….the air is very DRY! If you don’t like moisture (you know what I mean all you CURLY haired people!) then it’s not such a bad thing! I do get shocked quite often and can even see sparks fly when I touch things. Dry air also means you’ll be slathering on the lotion, creams and moisturizers all year round.

2. Goose Poop

Yes, we have a lot of wild animals around town, deer, chipmunks, rock chucks (marmots), birds of all kinds but the GEESE are my least favorite of all! They leave their trail of white and green droppings everywhere they go! So…watch your step!

3. Lack of Department store shopping

Bend has amazing local retail stores and even some of the “big box” stores like Ross, Target, Trader Joe’s, Macys, Old Navy, JC Penney, and an Outlet Mall at the south end of town. But…we don’t have the large malls that some of the more populated cities have (ie: Portland, Eugene, Medford). If you’re not a shopaholic, then it’s probably not going to bother you! I do miss shopping at The Rack once in awhile, but it’s a fair trade-off to live in such a beautiful place!

4. Bend Oregon is far from any beach

If you’re a huge fan of walking on the beach, feeling the mist coming off the driving waves…you might miss these if you move to Bend. Or, you might just fall in love with the Deschutes river and all of the pristine Cascade lakes nearby! Going to the beach from Bend will take you about 5 or 6 hours driving, so it’s doable, but you’ll want to stay a few days to make it worth the drive.

5. Potholes

Bend does take care of its roads, but then…WINTER COMES again and the potholes reappear every year! It’s a constant battle to keep up with them and the City of Bend tries, but you do need to watch out for them. If the winter is particularly snowy and long then you’ll have to be extra vigilant or risk knocking out your car’s alignment.

6. Summer crowds

Bend is a great place to visit, especially in the Summer! But as a year-round resident, the crowds that come to camp, hike, go to concerts and events press the limits of our roads and our patience! We want you to come and play in our small town, just be nice, smile and wave and be patient while you’re here.

7. Bend Oregon my Home Town

There are a few things I don’t like about Bend, but mostly I LOVE LIVING IN BEND! My small town is growing into an amazing city. Just last year, we surpassed 100,000 people living in Bend. If you want to know what I LOVE about living in Bend…check out this BLOG POST.