Best Sandwich in Bend


Best sandwich in Bend…look no further!


In honor of NATIONAL SANDWICH DAY, my Top 10 Picks for great places to grab the best sandwich in Bend. I love sharing all my favorite places with you! When my husband and I first visited Bend, we discovered and fell in love with Jackson’s Corner (westside location). Hot pizza right out of the brick oven. Fresh-baked bread and a wall of beverage coolers from the original corner market. Jackson’s is what makes Bend, well “Bendy”! A local restaurant run by local people who take pride in the food they serve. Bon appetit! 


Best Sandwich list…no particular order


J Dub – 932 NW Bond St – not just for sandwiches…the fried pickles are a must try!

Plankers824 NW Wall St – Everything’s fresh and made with LOVE! The BLTA is worth trying.

Primal Cuts Market1244 NW Galveston Ave – It’s a meat market with beer and cider on tap, need I say more?

Jackson’s Corner845 NW Delaware Ave -This is my first love in all of Bend…everything from scratch, can’t go wrong.

Croutons335 SW Century Dr – Absolutely love the Tomato Soup + sammy option…big winner!

The Sparrow Bakery50 SE Scott St – Feel like a breakfasty-type sandwich on a freshly made croissant? ’nuff said.

New York City Sub Shop – 740 NE 3rd St – looking for the best sub shop in Bend…this one get’s my vote.

Bistro 28 – 61615 Athletic Club Dr – A little off the beaten path, inside the Athletic Club of Bend…well worth the trip!

La Magie – 945 NW Bond St – delightful cafe downtown that will not disappoint your taste buds!

Valentine’s Deli 555 NW Arizona Ave – newest deli in Bend and rumor is….it’s amazing! 


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