You are my priority! I want to learn all I can about you, what’s motivating you to buy now, how you like to receive communication, do you need time to think things over or are you an on-the-spot decision maker? It’s you, my amazing clients that light my heart up and get me out of bed every morning. I’ll be here for you the whole way, looking out for your interests, negotiating hard for you because HOME is more than four walls and some grass out front. It’s the feeling you get when you drive down your street, that sense of pride and accomplishment, it’s your safe place when the world is going crazy and it’s where you’ll make memories to last a lifetime. Finding your ideal match is my #1 goal.

First Date

Let’s meet! This may be in person, on the phone, through text or email. In order to make the best match for you, I need to get to know you, your needs, hopes, dreams and motivation for making a change. Taking what I learn from you, I’ll set up an initial home search in the MLS. You’ll receive regular emails with new listings that are a match … the adventure begins!

Introducing your Lender

Before looking at homes, you’ve got to know how much you can afford to borrow. Talk to a qualified lender. If you don’t have a lender, I can recommend several that always do a great job for my clients. Choose a lender you’re comfortable with, one that will respond quickly to your questions. Your lender will ask about your income and assets, any outstanding debts and job history. They’ll check your credit and base your loan type and interest rate on this information.

Let the adventure begin

Now that your budget is established, it’s time for some matchmaking education. If you’re new to the area, you may want to look at homes in several parts of town to get the “feel” for the ones that are a match. Homes can look great online but when you arrive, there may be something unexpected next door. This is the matchmaking process. It can take days, weeks or even years if you’re seeking a very specific match. My focus during this part of your adventure is to consult, advise and guide you according to the goals you have set. I’ll make you aware of your options, but I’ll never try to “sell” you anything.

Pop the Question

We found a match! Now the negotiating begins and you’ll see if the feeling is mutual. Depending on the home, its location and desirability, there may be some pressure to get your offer in quickly. I’ll gather all the information needed and help you craft a winning offer for your “house-to-be”. I’ll take you through each step of the sale contract and answer any questions. I’ll make sure you go in with your eyes wide open.

Negotiating or Acceptance

Once in awhile, a well crafted offer will be accepted and you’ll be “under contract” right away! More often there will be a counter offer and more negotiating to do before a true match is made. Listening, reading the other parties involved, understanding their motivation and negotiating for the WIN … this is the Matchmaker’s Magic.

Deposits, Inspections and Appraisals

Your first step will be to make your earnest money deposit. Your next priority is to get all documents to your lender so your mortgage approval can be finalized. You’ll also set up a home inspection and any other inspections needed, like septic or well. I can match you up with local professionals for any of these inspections.

Last chance to say “I don’t

After the home inspection report is received, you may find out there are underlying issues that you overlooked or that weren’t apparent when you toured the home. Now’s your chance to say, “I don’t” and walk away if there are major issues. Every home will have a few small items that need repairing and these are easily negotiated. But major issues should be reviewed carefully before you walk down the aisle.

The Ceremony

At the “closing” ceremony, you’ll sign a large pile of documents making your match official. The final step is to record the deed with the County. This takes place electronically and typically happens before 5pm the same day you sign your documents. Once recorded, you’ll receive the keys to your home.

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