Crooked River Ranch Real Estate


HOA/Ranch Info

Here’s a link to the Crooked River Ranch Club & Maintenance website where you’ll find lots of information about all of the amenities at the Ranch!



Scout Camp Trail Map Location

Scout Camp Trail pictures – detailed description of Scout Camp Trail hike

Otter Bench Loop Map Location

Otter Bench Trail pictures – detailed description of Scout Camp Trail hike


Horseback Riding

Panorama Park has a 2+ mile trail that horses are allowed on. You can also continue riding your horse on the roads throughout the Ranch if you want a longer ride. Many people meet up and trailer their horses to a location where they can ride near the river. You can also ride trails from Smith Rock. For more information about the CRR Riders Club, contact Sue Silver.

Contact: Sue Silver 541-977-6621

Members Horse Arena – the arena can be used by any member of CRR to ride and train their horse free of charge. Some horse events are held in the arena so check with the CRR office for availability of the arena.

JOIN HERE – Join this private FB group to find out all about horseback riding on the Ranch