Northeast Bend

Neighborhood highlights

  • More affordable homes
  • 360 views from Pilot Butte
  • Home to St. Charles Medical Center

NE Bend consists of 3 neighborhoods which include, Boyd Acres at the northern most end, Mountain View on the eastern edge and the centrally located Orchard District. Take a hike or drive to the top of Pilot Butte and you’ll enjoy 360 degree views of the area. Nearby is the Forum Shopping Center which includes Costco, Old Navy, Whole Foods and other major retailers.

The majority of homes in NE Bend are in close proximity to the St. Charles Medical Center, the largest hospital in Central Oregon and a level-2 trauma center. Offering the 2nd lowest median Single-family home price of $432,000 (as of May 2020), NE Bend is home to many 1st-time buyers and investors.

Looking for charm and character on the east side? Try the Orchard District, also referred to as Midtown, is located between downtown Bend and Pilot Butte. Back in the 1930’s the area was an apple orchard. The original orchard farm house and office are still standing. Today it’s a mix of older homes and pockets of new construction giving buyers many choices of home styles in this desirable close-in neighborhood. It’s also home to Hollinshead Park which features several original farm outbuildings a community garden and off-leash dog area.

Just because it’s not “the West side”, don’t think NE Bend gets shortchanged when it comes to parks and outdoor activities. Pine Nursery Park is a local’s favorite for walking, riding, fishing, playing sports and the city’s largest off-leash dog park. If you feel like wandering in the high desert, head east on Hwy 20 about 17 miles and hike on endless miles of trails in the Badlands Wilderness area.

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