Sell My House Faster and for More Money

5 Tips to help you sell your home faster and for more money



Tip #1 – Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is KING! You only get one chance (and about 7 seconds) to make a good first impression! Clean, sweep, mow, trim and tidy up the front of you house. Think about adding a new welcome mat and maybe painting your door a contrast color.

Action: sweep dirt and cobwebs away, mow and trim lawn, get a new welcome mat, paint front door a fun color.


Tip #2 – Clean, clean, clean

If curb appeal is King, clean is QUEEN! Raise your standards as high as they can go. Your home can never be too clean! Pretend you are moving out and trying to get every penny of your deposit back! Your hard work will be rewarded with more showings, a faster sale and more money in your pocket.

Action: clean everything from top to bottom, check for any bad smells, clean some more!


Tip #3 – Repair Everything

You probably already have a list in your head of things that need repairing, so just write it down and get to it!  By fixing the obvious, you’re removing possible road blocks in the mind of potential buyers. If they see several repairs as they tour your home, they will most likely move on to a home with fewer needed repairs or present a low-ball offer.

If you fix it up front, the process will go smoother once you’re under contract since the home inspector will not have as many items to note in his report. This means the potential buyers will have less leverage on price negotiations.

Action: check cabinet handles, light fixtures, flooring, doors, weatherstripping, porches and patios, anything that’s crooked or leaning, make the list and fix it.


Tip #4 – Staging…what’s that?

Step one: Have a good friend walk through your home with you to see if any adjustments to furniture placement are needed. Remember, you’re selling square footage and the appearance of more “open” space will encourage potential buyers to offer more for your home.

Step two: Empty out that “junk room” and turn it into an office or guest room. Stage a small nook as a laptop work-station or reading space.

Action: evaluate furniture placement and the walking path (flow) from room to room, store extra furniture to provide more open space that buyers want.


Tip #5 – I have to?

Yes, you really do have to! You’re selling your home, not your stuff! Potential buyers need visual space to see themselves living in your home. Get a jump on your future move and start packing up any breakable, valuable items, as well as personal photos and knick-knacks. Seasonal items can also be packed up for the move….one less thing to do later. Donate any unneeded items to a local charity.

Action: get some boxes and packing tape and go at it, pack at least 50% of your personal items, lock up or pack away valuables for peace of mind.


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BONUS TIP – Declutter

If you’ve cleaned and depersonalized already, you may not have any clutter left, yeah!!! But check one more time and see if you still have a few too many photos, flower arrangements, trophies, collections, etc. Think of a new construction model home…that’s what you’re aiming for!

Money in your pocket

It’s not ROCKET SCIENCE! If you follow these simple tips you’ll be well on your way to a speedy home sale! If you need help with any of these steps, connect with me and I’d be happy to help!