Southeast Bend

Neighborhood highlights

  • Lowest median home price
  • Homes on larger lots
  • Newest High School opening 2021

SE Bend includes the neighborhoods of Larkspur at its northern border, the Old Farm District at the center and Southeast Bend at the southern most edge. Boasting the lowest median Single-family home price of $416,000 (as of May 2020), SE Bend is attractive to many buyers seeking a larger lot size and some elbow room. Offering a mixture of established and newer communities, SE Bend has a laid-back feel than many look for when moving to Bend. Home to many ranches and farms of the past, developers did not sacrifice lot sizes when creating many of the communities here. You can still find homes with 1/4 to 1/2 acre lots in SE Bend.

SE Bend boast two major recreation centers operated by Bend Parks & Recreation: Juniper Swim & Fitness center and the Bend Senior Center, which is currently undergoing a major expansion due to the growth in popularity of the east side living. In addition there are 8 neighborhood parks and the city’s only baseball stadium, Vince Genna Stadium, home to the Bend Elks baseball team.

Coming in 2021 are two exciting additions to SE Bend: the city’s newest High School, Caldera High School (360 degree walk-thru of building in progress) and the 37 acre Alpenglow Community Park. The park will feature an off-leash dog area, demonstration gardens, climbing wall, splash pad, food truck & event area and much more. The park is located south of Murray Rd on SE15th St across from The Bridges community and just north of the new Caldera High School campus.

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